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Fantasy BTCC: Knockhill Result

Great racing in the BTCC saw three new winners of the season but somehow Turkington still manages his championship lead, despite not taking victory over the weekend.

Fantasy MotoGP: Brno Result

Finally another winner! Pedrosa managed to best his team mate for the first time this season, the first time that anyone has beaten Marquez who finished fourth in the end. Lorenzo was hoping for a few more laps to beat Pedrosa and his team mate finished off the podium.

Fantasy F1 No More

In order to respect the wishes of FOWC and comply with the copyright they hold we have been forced to shutdown our fantasy F1 site. We really wish that we didn't have to do this but as a non-profit website we have little choice.

The letter we received...

Formula One: Online games infringement

Dear Sir / Madam

Your website includes an interactive game product, which has been brought to our attention as it includes intellectual property which is Formula One related.

We therefore would appreciate your being aware of the rights which relate to such material which exist.

As you may know, Formula One World Championship Limited (“FOWC”) has the exclusive rights to manage, control and exploit all audio and audio-visual material rights world-wide of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to film, television, radio, video, mobile devices, DVD, CD Rom, MP3 and MP4, the Internet and any other electronic media of any kind and all exploitation thereof) in, of or pertaining to the FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Accordingly, no audio and/or audio-visual material (including stills from moving picture images) of any Formula One event (including official events and test sessions) and/or any official logos, trade marks and/or copyright protected material such as results, timing data and official regulations (“Formula One Material”) may be used with or on any product unless specifically and expressly authorised by FOWC.

Furthermore, the devices (F1 FORMULA 1, F1 and the FIA FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP), the expressions FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, F1, FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and any permutations or foreign language equivalents and related trade marks thereof are trade marks adopted, owned and/or registered by Formula One Licensing B.V. (part of the Formula One group of companies) and in respect of which FOWC has the commercial exploitation rights, (the “Marks”, each being a “Mark”). These Marks may only be used with FOWC’s express authorisation and may not under any circumstances be adopted by a third party as part of a company, trading or Internet domain name, or used on any item or in any other manner which might imply an official connection with FOWC, the FIA Formula One World Championship or Formula One motor racing generally.

In addition, you should be aware that other rights exist in Formula One team elements (including Team logos/marks/imagery, driver names/imagery, car designs and liveries) and Grand Prix names which need to be respected and in this regard FOWC is authorised to collectively licence the inclusion of the Formula One teams element, Event names and circuits layouts in interactive game products together with the Formula One Material and Marks (“Formula One Elements”). In the circumstances, it is not possible to produce an interactive game (including but not limited to console, PC, mobile device, simulator, pod and/or on line via the Internet or otherwise) based upon the FIA Formula One World Championship using the Formula One Elements without an appropriate licence from FOWC.

From considering some of the pages displayed and accessed from your site, it is clear that the Unlicensed Game is using Formula One Elements. Use of Formula One Elements is something that is licensed by FOWC and they are unaware of any licence for your company or any other in relation to this Unlicensed Game.

Further please be advised that FOWC currently has an exclusive worldwide interactive game products agreement with a third party, who is fully utilising these rights. This Unlicensed Game and any other use of the Formula One Elements in an Interactive game products therefore is not just an issue for us but also could compromise the licence with such third party.

Please immediately cease all such infringements on any and all of your web sites and confirm to us via email that you have done so.

Nothing in this letter is intended or shall be construed to constitute an express or implied waiver of any of FOL's or FOWC's rights or remedies, including any rights or remedies in respect of infringement not explicitly stated, whether current or in the future, all of which are expressly reserved.

Formal Declaration

I hereby state that FOWC and FOL are the owners of the exclusive rights referenced above and that NetResult Solutions is authorised to act on their behalf with respect to internet monitoring and compliance. On behalf of FOWC and FOL I hereby state that I have a good faith belief that use of the content in the manner complained of is not authorised by FOL or FOWC, their agents, or the law.

Fantasy MotoGP: Indianapolis Result

A perfect ten for Marquez, the guy is unstoppable this season. Bradl had a nasty off and took a competitor out in the process, so not a great weekend for the German.

Scores are processed, we had to wait until Monday so my apologies for the delay.

Fantasy BTCC: Snetterton

Great racing from Jason Plato has seen him move back into the championship race after a fantastic double. Turkington managed to finish on the podium in all three races and that BMW is looking very strong everywhere this season.

Fantasy F1: Hungarian Result

Sprinkle a little rain on a circuit these days and the outcome is certainly undecided by qualifying. Nico Rosberg is going to be wondering what might have been after falling back down the order thanks to a safety car coming out just after he crossed the pit lane, ultimately finishing fourth for the race. Hamilton's luck was slightly better, pit lane start to finishing third and dropping the championship cap to 11 points for the summer break. Alonso somehow managed to make his soft tyres last long enough to finish second but was unable to stop the fast Red Bull of Ricciardo taking that top step.

Fantasy F1: German Result

It was inevitable that Rosberg would take the victory thanks to that brake failure in qualifying for Hamilton. The Williams cars looked like they might be in touch but they were not even close to the ultimate pace of the Mercedes. Still it was a well earned second for Bottas who is as fast as he is consistent. Yet another troubled qualifying left Hamilton with it all to do - fighting from 20th on the grid. He still managed a risky fightback to claim the final spot on the podium.

Fantasy MotoGP: German Result

Marquez makes it 9 wins and joins an elite group of riders. Lorenzo had a much better ride than he has of late but won't be welcoming any repeat of the pit-lane start that almost saw him going off on the first corner.
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