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some explain F1 rules? webber and di resta get finishing places?

webber blew up and do rests crashed how did they get 15th and 20th? and not retired position?
We use the official FIA listing of results. If they are positioned within this list we pass on this to the scores. So if you go to the Formula 1 listings and
see the driver results this is then reflected in our scores.
yes, I understand and agree with using official finishes. What I am asking is how the FIA rules are set up?

can't find it anywhere on the Internet.

I can figure out the webber position as he was on last lap with all others finishing "behind" him where +1 lap. But how is the di resta placement

asking you gurus how f1 does it, not how your site uses there results.

Sometimes I wonder if the FIA just flip a coin ;-)

Joking aside I believe the rule is down to the distance completed by the driver, I couldn't tell you the exact distance but it would make sense if it was
the minimum distance that drivers can score points on (e.g. if the race was stopped).
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