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Qualifying Complete

Qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix is now complete and the Fantasy F1 scores have been updated. The site team are still analysing the results to ensure
everyone has a fair set of points.

A number of teams have not set a third driver and so have forfeit points for qualifying which isn't a total loss as qualifying points are much lower than
the race. You can still add a third driver to get your points for the race.
hi do i have to choose a 3rd driver to score points?? i haven't got a score for qualifying yet..
You will need to have a look at your budget, a previous version of our management page didn't force you to select three drivers (though the rules state you
must have 3 drivers, 1 constructor and 1 engine), you will need to reselect your team to make sure you are in the 50 million budget.

I've added a driver to your team for now so you can get points for the race.
that's odd because i only registered on Friday! oh well my choices are changed now.. and to fix it i'll lose transfer points so a little unfortunate
Sorry about that, we didn't realise it wasn't notifying players until the points started to be calculated.
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