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F1 Racing League Champion: Teqqles

Congratulations to Teqqles who has lucked into a victory (even if I do say so myself),
Rozza skipped the first round and would have easily have been champion had Webber finished in the

F1 Racing Leagues Championship:

1. Teqqles
2. Rozza
3. Alderban

It has been a great beta year for us and we've learned a considerable amount about how we can improve the site. Stay tuned for new features during the off
season and we look forward to a fantastic run of games next year (including NASCAR for 2011).
Looking forward to the additions, keep up the good work.

Have a Happy Chrismas and New Year Teqqles and everyone else reading this.

Bring on the 2011 season and 20 races (I hope).
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