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First ever Indian Grand Prix

Being that this is the first time Formula One is racing on this tack it was expected to be a somewhat interesting race. Some might argue that Vettel's
domination today was far from interesting but there were some edge of your seat moments with the odd position of the pit exit and some close racing in the
middle of the pack.

Lewis Hamilton got into a tight situation with Massa and was able to come out with no penalty, Massa on the other hand had a drive through penalty after that
particular incident. Maldonado had a pretty bad weekend with another technical difficulty leading to a race retirement.

The dust didn't prove to be too problematic for the drivers, the track evolution manage to allow the drivers enough grip. The start caught a few out and
with that a very quick exit from the race.

All in all I'd say it was a successful Indian Grand Prix, it had the action and it had the spectators. Perhaps if the if the first Korean Grand Prix had
good weather so that the race wasn't so drawn out would have had better turn out this year.

Only two more races to go this season and the Texas Grand Prix for next November doesn't look much better than a motocross track currently.
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