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Brazil, final race of the season.

So the 2011 Formula 1 season comes to a close in Brazil with Webber clinching the victory after Vettel, who was suffering from gearbox issues throughout the
race, let his team mate through. Button was able to get third but Hamilton was forced to retire again from gearbox issues.

The race was a little dull for my liking, nothing like the action that 2010 brought and that is in no small part due to Vettel dominating the whole season. Its
been an interesting season with the drama of Massa and Hamilton and Hamilton on his own with his private life conflicting with his professional one causing
Lewis to have a very difficult year.

Its a little up in the air if we'll lose some good and well known drivers next year but we already know that great change will be happening as the
broadcasting baton is passed from BBC to Sky and with it a lot of angry and disappointed fans. It will be interesting to see what the viewing figures show.

We, like the teams, have a lot of work now to prepare us for the next season with a lot of changes for the better.
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