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My 2013 Leagues

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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
1 non mover avatar stegg Monaco Grand Prix stegg 3480
2 non mover avatar TheUndertakers's F1 Team United States Grand Prix TheUndertakers 3375
3 moving up avatar FastMac's F1 Team Abu Dhabi Grand Prix FastMac 3371
4 moving up avatar broom broom victory is mine Brazilian Grand Prix gazsparks 3370
5 moving up avatar Namble's Welsh Dragon's Indian Grand Prix namble 3365
6 moving up avatar jamesbrfc's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix jamesbrfc 3345
7 moving up avatar Vodka Red Poole F1 Team Monaco Grand Prix brettski75 3344
8 moving down avatar High Roof Transit Belgian Grand Prix martin 3334
9 moving down avatar Dick Dastardly and Muttley in the Mean Machine 00 Monaco Grand Prix jimmymac8511 3331
10 moving up avatar Little Black DRS Australian Grand Prix Shady93 3314
11 moving up avatar Belladonna Blowouts Malaysian Grand Prix Jan67 3313
12 moving up avatar If it's Wet You Know it's Going to Be Good! Belgian Grand Prix brentlb 3305
13 moving down avatar see u later bones British Grand Prix budd192 3303
14 moving down avatar Arrowstorm's F1 Team United States Grand Prix Arrowstorm 3301
15 moving up avatar The Rattsters Bahrain Grand Prix ratts 3297
16 moving down avatar brn_mnk's F1 Team United States Grand Prix brn_mnk 3294
17 moving down avatar TeamTorrington's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix TeamTorrington 3290
18 moving down avatar cider paul's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix paulolver 3290
19 moving down avatar Solid As Coulthard's Jaw Korean Grand Prix Nadams 3290
20 moving down avatar Kazazia GP-V2 Canadian Grand Prix MarioBro 3281
21 moving down avatar Tamarc's F1 Team Monaco Grand Prix Tamarc 3277
22 moving down avatar Lall18's F1 Team Singapore Grand Prix Lall18 3275
23 moving down avatar $wagon Wheelz British Grand Prix FelixAskew-Conti 3272
24 moving down avatar Peeing on my Southern chums from up high! Alright down there?!!! Bahrain Grand Prix benrimmer 3272
25 moving up avatar Mogan's F1 Team German Grand Prix sammogan 3268
26 moving down avatar rossawilson's F1 Team British Grand Prix rossawilson 3267
27 moving down avatar baptiss stars British Grand Prix baptiss 3266
28 moving down avatar sac0101's F1 Team British Grand Prix sac0101 3266
29 moving up avatar Racing Stew Malaysian Grand Prix StuStubbs 3261
30 moving down avatar Jossy's Giants British Grand Prix joss25 3260
31 moving down avatar Team Colin German Grand Prix clnmckec 3257
32 moving up avatar Peter Perfect in the Turbo Terrific Bahrain Grand Prix chisnga1 3256
33 moving up avatar "Mean Machine 00" Italian Grand Prix andybeaumont 3254
34 moving down avatar nobbybobby's F1 Team German Grand Prix nobbybobby 3245
35 moving down avatar Flat Spot racing Monaco Grand Prix simon_F1 3245
36 moving down avatar SammyF1's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix SammyF1 3244
37 moving down avatar Nutty's got too much spare time British Grand Prix Nutty 3244
38 moving down avatar vantestar67's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix vantestar67 3241
39 moving up avatar Cherry Bomb Racing British Grand Prix scooby1971 3236
40 moving down avatar KrispyKritters Canadian Grand Prix Chri5_kelly 3235
41 moving down avatar Pink Helmets British Grand Prix ogwen 3235
42 moving up avatar @@@DHL GP@@@ German Grand Prix pauledensmith 3232
43 moving down avatar Michael Stipe Seagulls Australian Grand Prix michaelstipe 3232
44 moving down avatar Nick_rs's F1 Team Monaco Grand Prix Nick_rs 3231
45 moving down avatar Dallan's F1 Team British Grand Prix Dallan 3228
46 moving down avatar Red Bub Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Bubracing 3226
47 non mover avatar Marky Mark & the Anti-stall Bunch Spanish Grand Prix rjwatkins80 3223
48 moving down avatar paulhart's F1 Team British Grand Prix paulhart 3220
49 moving down avatar FrogMaster's Fast Jump Racing Monaco Grand Prix Frogmaster 3218
50 moving down avatar evesham Saints F1 Italian Grand Prix evesham 3214