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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
1 non mover avatar LoungeLizards's F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix LoungeLizards 2543
2 moving up avatar Slippy's Squad Malaysian Grand Prix StevenSlider 2543
3 moving down avatar StarkzHD Racing Malaysian Grand Prix starkz 2543
4 moving down avatar slingshot's F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix slingshot 2543
5 non mover avatar Shorty`s F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix PhilShort 2541
6 non mover avatar Chesham Chariots Chinese Grand Prix Iannn 2540
7 non mover avatar schumonster's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix schumonster 2538
8 non mover avatar Mercedes AMG F1 team Bahrain Grand Prix lucial 2538
9 non mover avatar martinbeange's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix martinbeange 2538
10 non mover avatar Lug Nutz Bahrain Grand Prix Topcat 2538
11 non mover avatar Kamikaze Kobayashi 2: The Sequel Bahrain Grand Prix graham 2538
12 non mover avatar Team Piston Broke Bahrain Grand Prix Alexh33 2538
13 non mover avatar All Eggs In The Mercedes Basket Bahrain Grand Prix NeilBurrows 2538
14 moving up avatar CLoftusCascadeF1's F1 Team Chinese Grand Prix CLotusCascadeF1 2533
15 moving down avatar Dirty Sanchez Chinese Grand Prix willd 2532
16 non mover avatar caiman's F1 Team Chinese Grand Prix caiman 2531
17 non mover avatar Cotton GP Bahrain Grand Prix Cottonas84 2529
18 non mover avatar stegg's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix stegg 2529
19 non mover avatar Lauda’s Hot Heads Bahrain Grand Prix champ_2013 2528
20 non mover avatar DJ's Pole Dancers Spanish Grand Prix drjones 2520
21 non mover avatar PDSSBIF1's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix PDSSBIF1 2518
22 moving up avatar Lloydracing's F1 Team Chinese Grand Prix Lloydracing 2515
23 moving down avatar Kissmyheed's F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix Kissmyheed 2515
24 moving down avatar Rew1886's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix Rew1886 2514
25 non mover avatar SlipStream Racing Spanish Grand Prix sitec 2511
26 non mover avatar Gangsta's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix Gangsta 2510
27 non mover avatar Retired Racecar Driver GP Monaco Grand Prix Gar1_od 2505
28 non mover avatar POLAND Monaco Grand Prix marcus 2498
29 non mover avatar Scuderia Ascension German Grand Prix enternow 2495
30 moving up avatar Wolf of F1 Bahrain Grand Prix brynaldo 2495
31 moving down avatar BringBacktheV10s Spanish Grand Prix jose_90 2494
32 moving down avatar RH F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix rh0258 2491
33 moving down avatar Not a Clue! Bahrain Grand Prix harmank 2490
34 moving down avatar greedysteve15's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix greedysteve15 2488
35 moving down avatar DoveF1Racing's F1 Team German Grand Prix DoveF1Racing 2487
36 non mover avatar Hugh's Massy Motors German Grand Prix ThePapu 2486
37 non mover avatar MNRacing Bahrain Grand Prix Matt_N 2481
38 moving down avatar Fing3rs lickin' good Spanish Grand Prix VM_Fing3rs 2480
39 non mover avatar up in smoke Chinese Grand Prix scratcn 2479
40 moving up avatar $wagon Wheelz Hungarian Grand Prix FelixAskew-Conti 2476
41 moving up avatar da iceman's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix da_iceman 2474
42 moving down avatar Norfolk N Chance Monaco Grand Prix Carl808 2474
43 moving down avatar SickNote F1 Australian Grand Prix DaveThomas 2474
44 moving down avatar Team Slow Bahrain Grand Prix BaronVonCrash 2470
45 moving down avatar Hamilton's Girlfriend (without the God part) British Grand Prix SamWilcox 2467
46 moving down avatar Pork Eating Crusader F1 Team British Grand Prix BaconButty 2467
47 moving down avatar TeamRiddick's F1 Team British Grand Prix TeamRiddick 2467
48 moving down avatar f1girl's F1 Team British Grand Prix f1girl 2467
49 moving down avatar Catch Me If You Can....... British Grand Prix stevehill79 2467
50 moving down avatar lucass_247's F1 Team British Grand Prix lucass_247 2467