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My 2013 Leagues

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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
451 moving up avatar Club 121 German Grand Prix unkymo 2830
452 moving up avatar Mudskipper Speed Racing Canadian Grand Prix Mudskipper 2828
453 moving down avatar YIDS RACING British Grand Prix Tiz16 2827
454 moving down avatar terrymurphy's F1 Team British Grand Prix terrymurphy 2827
455 moving down avatar Demon Hell Racing British Grand Prix DemonHell 2824
456 moving up avatar ChaosMuppetsarego's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix ChaosMuppetsarego 2824
457 moving down avatar apprentice Australian Grand Prix apprentice 2823
458 moving down avatar Blaymeister Bombers British Grand Prix Blaymeister 2822
459 moving up avatar Darkdestroyer's F1 Team British Grand Prix Darkdestroyer 2820
460 moving up avatar SteveSmith01's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix SteveSmith01 2819
461 moving down avatar wextext's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix wextext 2818
462 moving up avatar Charlie's Angels Australian Grand Prix StringfellowHawke 2817
463 moving down avatar Parc Fermé British Grand Prix Dors79 2817
464 moving down avatar Pure Cheese.... British Grand Prix DanCheese 2811
465 moving up avatar Amimark VXR Brazilian Grand Prix MajorPiles 2808
466 moving up avatar EnjoyQ3Lewisfromthepits's F1 Team British Grand Prix EnjoyQ3Lewisfromthepits 2807
467 moving up avatar Force Racing British Grand Prix wigaut 2807
468 moving up avatar Mayo Flyers F1 Racing Australian Grand Prix mayoflyers 2806
469 non mover avatar Orange Cow Racing British Grand Prix steturn 2806
470 moving up avatar Team Bukkake (in your face Racing) British Grand Prix gobfc 2805
471 moving up avatar Sleeping Giant Brazilian Grand Prix daveras81 2803
472 moving up avatar schumacher me mad Australian Grand Prix Listy 2803
473 moving down avatar Forty Fords Two Canadian Grand Prix cherryghost 2802
474 moving up avatar MaverickF1's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix MaverickF1 2802
475 moving down avatar Iceman F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix kimi2013 2801
476 moving up avatar Mux Spreaders F1 Tractors Brazilian Grand Prix SimonClark 2800
477 non mover avatar Scuderia Casco Viola Australian Grand Prix Jobbo 2799
478 moving down avatar Matt's F1 Team British Grand Prix MattE 2797
479 moving down avatar Team vRS Malaysian Grand Prix vectra 2797
480 moving down avatar Backfire Racing Bahrain Grand Prix Simonl 2796
481 moving down avatar bigT Racing Canadian Grand Prix bigTRacing 2796
482 moving down avatar Zooom F1 Racing Spanish Grand Prix Manzoor14 2795
483 moving down avatar Smithy's Sunshine Bus Racing United States Grand Prix mikewoodmike 2795
484 moving up avatar "You Got The Minerals" F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix Muns006 2795
485 moving down avatar FE458IT's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix FE458IT 2794
486 moving down avatar Crashtor Maldonado Belgian Grand Prix potholes84 2794
487 moving down avatar Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth in the Buzzwagon 10 Malaysian Grand Prix rigsy50 2793
488 moving up avatar Stavelot Walkers F1 Belgian Grand Prix MattBooker 2793
489 moving down avatar A view from the front British Grand Prix Claudio9 2793
490 moving up avatar Delta Fox Racing British Grand Prix highflyer 2793
491 moving up avatar Dan Gleeballs F1 Team Italian Grand Prix Dangleballs 2793
492 moving down avatar Manjung's F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix Manjung 2790
493 moving down avatar Duracell's Speedsters British Grand Prix Duracell 2790
494 non mover avatar crush f1 United States Grand Prix leecrush3 2790
495 moving up avatar silax f1 British Grand Prix simondlax 2790
496 moving up avatar Lotus F1 Team British Grand Prix Lotus 2789
497 moving up avatar flyingscotsman's F1 Team Singapore Grand Prix flyingscotsman 2786
498 moving up avatar boylepm's F1 Team German Grand Prix boylepm 2786
499 moving down avatar test1's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix test1 2786
500 moving down avatar VXCorsa F1 Canadian Grand Prix Frazermcm 2783