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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
551 moving up avatar Furious Angels Spanish Grand Prix RobPavitt 2746
552 moving up avatar Trauma001's F1 Team United States Grand Prix Trauma001 2746
553 moving down avatar dickhead's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix dickhead 2744
554 moving up avatar bala11's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix bala11 2744
555 moving down avatar Heathens Child F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix bwest01 2744
556 moving down avatar Lodge F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix LodgeF1Team 2743
557 moving down avatar Muz77's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix Muz77 2741
558 moving up avatar happy hammer's F1 Canadian Grand Prix dagnew 2740
559 moving down avatar martina's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix martina 2739
560 moving down avatar petherid's F1 Team British Grand Prix petherid 2738
561 moving up avatar Brazil Nutts Brazilian Grand Prix ChrisNutt 2738
562 moving up avatar Team Lemon Pledge Canadian Grand Prix simontapley2k 2738
563 moving down avatar Scunnyrick007's F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix Scunnyrick007 2737
564 moving up avatar Jameson Lexus F1 German Grand Prix Jameson 2737
565 moving down avatar TeamRiddick's F1 Team British Grand Prix TeamRiddick 2736
566 moving down avatar I Farm Donkeys Canadian Grand Prix Billybob87 2736
567 moving down avatar Rubbins Racing... Spanish Grand Prix MeridianCoolingLtd2006 2735
568 moving up avatar Guesswork F1 Canadian Grand Prix DaveThomas 2735
569 moving up avatar 3 Lions Canadian Grand Prix Dumass 2734
570 moving up avatar JENKS's F1 Team British Grand Prix JENKS 2734
571 non mover avatar Matritum Go Spain Spanish Grand Prix luistar 2733
572 moving down avatar monkeyboy285's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix monkeyboy285 2732
573 moving down avatar [UKWM] Steak and BJ's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix StuartGoad 2732
574 moving down avatar Fudgies Follies Belgian Grand Prix fudgel 2731
575 moving down avatar shake n bake's F1 Team British Grand Prix shakeandbake 2730
576 moving up avatar Fandango's F1 Team United States Grand Prix carleagle 2730
577 moving up avatar Jason's F1 Team British Grand Prix Jason 2729
578 moving down avatar Pit for Brains Spanish Grand Prix Dustyirl 2729
579 moving down avatar Team Noir British Grand Prix psmaster8 2728
580 moving up avatar SENNA17's F1 Team United States Grand Prix SENNA17 2727
581 moving down avatar NBG Motorsport German Grand Prix Furls 2727
582 moving up avatar A Girly F1 Team Italian Grand Prix abbystafford 2725
583 moving down avatar thunderball's F1 Team Chinese Grand Prix thunderball 2725
584 moving up avatar Danbert's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix Danbert 2723
585 moving down avatar Putins Pant Party Spanish Grand Prix lenasolo 2722
586 moving down avatar Shanebtaylor's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix Shanebtaylor 2722
587 moving up avatar Podium finish. Australian Grand Prix LeeHayward 2722
588 non mover avatar You could cut butter with ibramihovichs nose German Grand Prix Beast 2722
589 moving up avatar Rusty wishbones and breaks Japanese Grand Prix Marv968 2721
590 moving down avatar Mito Man BF(F) dogging Marlboro Pooperia I would shag Petra Ecclestone Racing German Grand Prix Mitoman 2720
591 moving down avatar Scuderia Biscione Hungarian Grand Prix dor83 2719
592 moving up avatar SnappedBanjoString's F1 Team British Grand Prix SnappedBanjoString 2719
593 moving up avatar Copper_Pipe's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix Copper_pipe 2718
594 moving down avatar alegalle's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix alegalle 2717
595 moving down avatar Igorius's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix Igorius 2717
596 moving down avatar The Toyota Carina British Grand Prix TallSam 2716
597 moving up avatar Dancing for Pole British Grand Prix RichieRed68 2715
598 moving up avatar Scuderia Hibernia F1 Spanish Grand Prix scuderiahibernia 2715
599 moving down avatar Force India Champion 2012 oooosssshhhhhhhh Indian Grand Prix JasBassi 2715
600 moving down avatar All Star Muppets Spanish Grand Prix christinawarboys 2714