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My 2013 Leagues

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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
651 moving down avatar EJ's Return British Grand Prix kiddums 2675
652 moving up avatar Terrible Pun Automotive Belgian Grand Prix Steve_Faz 2674
653 moving up avatar Razzasdad's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix Razzasdad 2672
654 moving up avatar HardFrolics F1 British Grand Prix AyrtonAlford 2671
655 moving down avatar SammyW's F1 Team Indian Grand Prix SammyW 2671
656 moving up avatar Aedden Singapore Grand Prix Neileachus 2670
657 moving up avatar pez1980's F1 Team British Grand Prix pez1980 2670
658 moving down avatar TurfWar's F1 Team Chinese Grand Prix TurfWar 2669
659 moving down avatar MMS Italian Grand Prix Mig_Fulcrum 2669
660 moving down avatar DownWithSV Chinese Grand Prix KillerShamrock 2669
661 moving down avatar sunnysharma88's F1 Team Chinese Grand Prix sunnysharma88 2669
662 moving up avatar 312T2 Italian Grand Prix MikeEden-Smith 2668
663 moving up avatar mattlane11's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix mattlane11 2668
664 moving up avatar ferrari by luci Italian Grand Prix luciano 2668
665 moving up avatar Mikerocks's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix Mikerocks 2668
666 moving up avatar Wingnut Racing Italian Grand Prix sparkos 2668
667 moving up avatar stickinsect7's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix stickinsect7 2666
668 moving up avatar The Gruesome Twosome in The Creepy Coupe Belgian Grand Prix GarysAutos 2664
669 moving down avatar Santos F1 - Sponsored by Andy Soffe United States Grand Prix Santos 2664
670 moving up avatar F1 Italian Grand Prix GarIT 2664
671 moving up avatar Connor Wreycing Italian Grand Prix ConnorWreycing 2664
672 moving up avatar Raymondo Racing Chinese Grand Prix luckyles 2663
673 moving up avatar TIFOSI Italian Grand Prix leshenden 2661
674 moving down avatar Multi 21 Racing Team Monaco Grand Prix sc911 2661
675 moving down avatar JF2013 Spanish Grand Prix JF2103 2660
676 moving down avatar Roadrunner Racing Sponsored by Dickins Cider Spanish Grand Prix Cartoon_Head 2658
677 moving up avatar Rhodys Force Bahrain Grand Prix U344837 2657
678 moving down avatar Tizz Racing Spanish Grand Prix sitizzard 2656
679 moving down avatar Princess Peach Returns! British Grand Prix Mimi1989 2656
680 moving down avatar Ginger Racing Belgian Grand Prix Sebbo 2655
681 moving down avatar Daos Mancs Italian Grand Prix Daos_ 2655
682 moving down avatar cant catch me German Grand Prix leejull 2655
683 moving up avatar Reedykarl3's F1 Team Hungarian Grand Prix Reedykarl3 2655
684 moving up avatar TeamTappinTornados Brazilian Grand Prix tappin 2654
685 moving down avatar Have a go heros United States Grand Prix Galthomas 2653
686 moving up avatar Cablerunners F1 Canadian Grand Prix SteveAllwright 2653
687 moving up avatar Donkey Kings Spanish Grand Prix srosario 2653
688 moving down avatar Driven to Madness British Grand Prix KELDIVA 2652
689 moving down avatar TT1972's F1 Team German Grand Prix TT1972 2650
690 moving down avatar senna#1 British Grand Prix chadwalker9 2649
691 moving down avatar jimbos-giants's F1 Team British Grand Prix jimbos-giants 2649
692 moving down avatar Gilberttr's F1 Team British Grand Prix Gilberttr 2648
693 moving down avatar Scuderia Pickles British Grand Prix Pickles 2647
694 moving up avatar winner team Italian Grand Prix f1senna 2647
695 moving down avatar deda on wheels F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix dedazoran 2646
696 moving down avatar Maurizio Sàrl Belgian Grand Prix Mudge6 2645
697 moving down avatar Li'l Lola Lotus. Australian Grand Prix HannahKInTheUK 2645
698 moving up avatar "An SF Wookie Team" Singapore Grand Prix Shellei 2644
699 moving up avatar Hamsam's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix Hamsam 2644
700 moving up avatar Crash Team Racing British Grand Prix RyanKemp 2643