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My 2013 Leagues

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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
701 moving down avatar Marsovci Belgian Grand Prix Mljac 2640
702 moving up avatar vuittonracing's F1 Team German Grand Prix vuittonracing 2640
703 moving down avatar Forzatrasher12's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix Forzatrasher12 2638
704 moving down avatar MooseGP's F1 Team British Grand Prix MooseGP 2638
705 moving up avatar Peter's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix Peter 2638
706 moving up avatar .DragonWarFireSkillzMaster_#UnnecessaryEpicNames Brazilian Grand Prix sunnysharma1988 2638
707 moving down avatar turner's F1 Team Singapore Grand Prix turner 2637
708 moving up avatar eamonn's F1 Team United States Grand Prix eamonn 2636
709 moving up avatar Miketv's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix Miketv 2636
710 moving down avatar Robf1's F1 Team British Grand Prix Robf1 2636
711 moving up avatar XGD Racing British Grand Prix RebeccaGriffithsDavies 2635
712 moving up avatar WackyRaces's F1 Team British Grand Prix WackyRaces 2635
713 moving down avatar McLaurence Canadian Grand Prix lclark92 2635
714 moving down avatar The only way is up! Japanese Grand Prix threekingsgeorge 2634
715 moving up avatar ! A-Team The Mercedes GP Petronas Formula one Team !! #Mercedes F1 Malaysian Grand Prix lucial 2630
716 moving down avatar Sjamo's F1 Team British Grand Prix Sjamo 2630
717 moving down avatar mcmurtm's F1 Team British Grand Prix mcmurtm 2629
718 moving up avatar rbr Brazilian Grand Prix kimi2001 2629
719 moving up avatar Teejay's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix Teejay 2627
720 moving down avatar vanders's F1 Team United States Grand Prix vanders 2625
721 moving down avatar Chencho's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix Chencho 2624
722 moving up avatar Team Alonso Italian Grand Prix toso94 2624
723 moving down avatar HURRY UP! British Grand Prix lloydr 2624
724 moving down avatar Rear Blown Disapprovers British Grand Prix mistamerlin 2623
725 moving up avatar ! Peaple Petrol ! Canadian Grand Prix peaplej96 2622
726 moving up avatar FlyingFairy Australian Grand Prix drewlew 2622
727 moving up avatar intayawife F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix mossy1975 2621
728 moving up avatar crazyracerphil's F1 Team British Grand Prix crazyracerphil 2620
729 moving up avatar A View From The Front F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix ricardovidale 2619
730 moving down avatar Mr Moose Spanish Grand Prix kevski 2619
731 moving down avatar Tomfoster81's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix Tomfoster81 2619
732 moving down avatar simbasagwete's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix simbasagwete 2619
733 moving up avatar Nipple Twist Superfast Racing Team Canadian Grand Prix tomstor82 2619
734 moving down avatar Snake doctor Monaco Grand Prix davewheatley 2617
735 moving down avatar Ferrari British Grand Prix leepharding 2616
736 moving down avatar This is Flaming Dwagon Italian Grand Prix ThisisFlamingDwagon 2615
737 moving down avatar V8Granite's F1 Team Chinese Grand Prix V8Granite 2610
738 moving up avatar bringbackbarrichello Malaysian Grand Prix sarah88 2609
739 moving up avatar Ferrari Hungarian Grand Prix mikeD 2608
740 moving up avatar ComingUpYourRear Australian Grand Prix Richie8 2608
741 moving down avatar Nertney's F1 Team Monaco Grand Prix Nertney 2607
742 moving down avatar Andrew's Wacky Racer British Grand Prix Andrewthomas91 2606
743 moving up avatar TheClipsonians's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix TheClipsonians 2606
744 moving down avatar Rants Racing Italian Grand Prix Rants 2605
745 moving down avatar Evolution Motorsport Australian Grand Prix EvolutionMotorsport 2604
746 moving up avatar smellis05's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix smellis05 2604
747 moving up avatar AlderTeam Japanese Grand Prix Alderban 2602
748 moving down avatar bmcaul3y's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix bmcaul3y 2601
749 moving up avatar bellas y audaces Abu Dhabi Grand Prix polinarce 2601
750 moving down avatar Bangkok Drivers Union Canadian Grand Prix JuanPabloRodriguez 2601