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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
51 moving up avatar The Slag Brothers in the Bouldermobile German Grand Prix anglosaxons 3214
52 moving down avatar Pipped at the post :o(( British Grand Prix MarkDuerden 3213
53 moving down avatar Runningman Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Sobad 3212
54 moving up avatar don't do F1 Chinese Grand Prix mturner 3210
55 moving down avatar AIDS123's F1 Team British Grand Prix AIDS123 3209
56 moving down avatar IYIagiiK_NathO's F1 Team British Grand Prix IYIagiiK_NathO 3209
57 moving up avatar Boidtechracing's F1 Team British Grand Prix Boidtechracing 3209
58 moving down avatar Skye683's F1 Team British Grand Prix Skye683 3209
59 moving up avatar No Hopers Chinese Grand Prix f1junkie 3207
60 moving down avatar CLR British Grand Prix Charms11 3204
61 moving down avatar Ken Dodd's Dads Dogs Dead Singapore Grand Prix NeilBurrows 3200
62 moving down avatar LightningBlue's F1 Team Korean Grand Prix LightningBlue 3198
63 moving down avatar Melrussia Italian Grand Prix melman92 3197
64 moving up avatar caryl21's F1 Team Singapore Grand Prix caryl21 3195
65 moving up avatar stevenmu Australian Grand Prix stevenmu 3193
66 moving up avatar JollyJ's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix JollyJ 3189
67 moving down avatar FringfordRacers's F1 Team German Grand Prix FringfordRacers 3188
68 moving up avatar Bobby's F1 Team British Grand Prix Bobby 3186
69 moving down avatar Skoda Racing Belgian Grand Prix gs511 3182
70 moving down avatar nevryn's F1 Team Monaco Grand Prix nevryn 3180
71 moving down avatar Hallway TV British Grand Prix speedcamera 3179
72 moving down avatar Gazza's F1 Team German Grand Prix Gary2427 3178
73 moving down avatar Andriano Racing Canadian Grand Prix AndrianoRacing 3177
74 moving up avatar combatconk's F1 Team Japanese Grand Prix combatconk 3176
75 moving down avatar Knight_F1_Team German Grand Prix Knight_F1_Team 3176
76 moving down avatar Neil_MK's F1 Team Indian Grand Prix Neil_MK 3172
77 moving up avatar Fast and furious F1 Canadian Grand Prix BumbleBee45 3171
78 moving up avatar BagsyKarthikeyan's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix BagsyKarthikeyan 3167
79 moving down avatar Chaytor's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix chaytorc 3166
80 moving down avatar sam1147's F1 Team British Grand Prix sam1147 3166
81 moving down avatar Ron Burgundys Umbongo Umbongo They Drink It In They The Congo Racing Team British Grand Prix Fonteroid 3164
82 moving up avatar Alan Prostate Australian Grand Prix AlanM 3162
83 moving up avatar Stuck in Re-verse Canadian Grand Prix abbott33 3160
84 moving up avatar zippy3's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix zippy3 3158
85 moving down avatar The WoodenSpoon Boys Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fl1x-f1 3158
86 moving up avatar psychofox's F1 Team British Grand Prix psychofox 3156
87 moving down avatar Bahrain Grand Prix JoeSchmo 3153
88 moving up avatar bimbamboooomvroooooomvroooooooooom Hungarian Grand Prix jenkinsontom 3152
89 moving down avatar kenny76's F1 Team British Grand Prix kenny76 3151
90 moving down avatar Benedict Dunderfudges Whirly Gig F1 Team German Grand Prix The_Pornogoat 3150
91 moving down avatar 2012 Houli League Champion Stuw12's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix stuw12 3149
92 moving up avatar TopDog Racing Brazilian Grand Prix TopDog 3148
93 moving down avatar BremnerRacing's F1 Team British Grand Prix BremnerRacing 3147
94 moving up avatar Taken from Behind Racing Australian Grand Prix D1cky 3146
95 moving up avatar Dick Dastardly's Monte Carlo Tunnel Thrusters Australian Grand Prix georgeoulton 3144
96 moving up avatar Bradders's F1 Team British Grand Prix bradders 3142
97 moving down avatar Dsane1's F1 Team Hungarian Grand Prix Dsane1 3141
98 moving down avatar frydrive Spanish Grand Prix frydrive 3139
99 moving down avatar shanelegg's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix shanelegg 3137
100 moving down avatar Should've used a Puma British Grand Prix zedleg 3133