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My 2013 Leagues

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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
1001 non mover avatar Pikachu F1 United States Grand Prix Pikaman18 1198
1002 non mover avatar nitroace's F1 Team British Grand Prix nitroace 1154
1003 non mover avatar keelan21345's F1 Team British Grand Prix keelan21345 945
1004 non mover avatar baird818's F1 Team British Grand Prix baird818 917
1005 moving up avatar Red Charging Bulls British Grand Prix Ghiaman1334 899
1006 moving down avatar chigero's F1 Team British Grand Prix chigero 866
1007 non mover avatar zach166's F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix zach166 842
1008 non mover avatar HillBilly Racing Japanese Grand Prix Midnight_EG 819
1009 moving up avatar Team Veyron Brazilian Grand Prix Flyboy 766
1010 non mover avatar WS MOTORSPORT United States Grand Prix GHOSTFIVE 762
1011 moving down avatar TEAM SCAZZ3R RACIN Indian Grand Prix SCAZZ3R 748
1012 moving up avatar Racing Angels British Grand Prix MrGingerRock 634
1013 non mover avatar TEAM SCUBA Monaco Grand Prix samariton 633
1014 moving down avatar stewart racing Indian Grand Prix gnomeone 632
1015 non mover avatar TEAM NOS British Grand Prix IPROxVIPERI 521
1016 non mover avatar TEAM LOL Australian Grand Prix Bugrilla 516
1017 moving up avatar TEAM GOLD British Grand Prix downesy007 481
1018 moving down avatar prototype6's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix prototype6 479
1019 non mover avatar thomasjscross's F1 Team British Grand Prix thomasjscross 372
1020 moving up avatar القيصر German Grand Prix bayern_eagle 315
1021 non mover avatar F1 Team German Grand Prix roman 303
1022 moving down avatar southampton speed Canadian Grand Prix kierocker 299
1023 non mover avatar TeamF1SAPS01 Australian Grand Prix TeamF1SAPS01 173
1024 non mover avatar TeamSpyderVenom Canadian Grand Prix tomgreen12319 0