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My 2013 Leagues

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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
101 moving up avatar ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Australian Grand Prix ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 3133
102 moving down avatar TheQuiff's F1 Team British Grand Prix TheQuiff 3128
103 moving up avatar Abbott Racing Indian Grand Prix chaz_abbott 3126
104 moving up avatar Pam88's F1 Team British Grand Prix Pam88 3126
105 moving up avatar Race 998 Chinese Grand Prix JackyLi 3125
106 moving up avatar e=pow(mc,2) British Grand Prix rixter 3125
107 moving up avatar Olive_Express United States Grand Prix Olive_Express 3123
108 moving down avatar Skol Mixed Racing Hungarian Grand Prix colin70 3122
109 moving up avatar Martyn For One Team Australian Grand Prix MartynForOne 3120
110 moving up avatar scummyrick007's F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix scummyrick007 3118
111 moving up avatar MAC's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix MACHitman74 3116
112 moving up avatar Miller F1 Racing Italian Grand Prix recyclebin 3116
113 moving down avatar The Sleeping Giant Australian Grand Prix jaimeabraham 3114
114 moving up avatar davidhill's F1 Team British Grand Prix davidhill 3114
115 moving up avatar dersleys's F1 Team German Grand Prix dersleys 3114
116 moving up avatar JD's Juggernauts Korean Grand Prix 99daveyj 3114
117 moving down avatar MCF1 Monaco Grand Prix a3HeadedMonkey 3111
118 moving up avatar Talawah Racer Boys British Grand Prix danielpeam 3111
119 moving down avatar JPB's F1 Team Monaco Grand Prix xlprecisiontech 3110
120 moving down avatar Hintox Motorsport Singapore Grand Prix NathanH 3110
121 moving down avatar ELLIOTCLARKE's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix ELLIOTCLARKE 3106
122 moving up avatar Phil's Flyers German Grand Prix newingtonp 3106
123 moving up avatar yamahar6's F1 Team German Grand Prix yamahar6 3104
124 moving up avatar The Need For Speed Singapore Grand Prix JamesPennington 3104
125 moving down avatar Jihad GP German Grand Prix Neilash81 3101
126 moving down avatar RED BOLT Bahrain Grand Prix bolt1988 3101
127 moving down avatar NeverBuyAScenic's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix NeverBuyAScenic 3101
128 moving up avatar RichmondRacing's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix RichmondRacing 3099
129 moving down avatar YorkieBars's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix YorkieBars 3099
130 moving up avatar Big Car, Small Nob Italian Grand Prix cockerp 3098
131 moving down avatar Hawkeye's F1 Team German Grand Prix Hawkeye 3098
132 moving up avatar McAaron F1 Brazilian Grand Prix AaronPlowright 3097
133 moving up avatar Moving Chicane Canadian Grand Prix aaronh007 3097
134 moving down avatar accessdenied's F1 Team Indian Grand Prix accessdenied 3097
135 moving down avatar Team Midpack F1 Spanish Grand Prix Grim2013 3097
136 moving up avatar The future king's F1 Team German Grand Prix formulaBen 3096
137 moving down avatar francois15vorster's F1 Team German Grand Prix francois15vorster 3095
138 moving up avatar Bourney79's F1 Team German Grand Prix Bourney79 3094
139 moving up avatar Va Va Voom British Grand Prix chris_tracey 3094
140 moving up avatar FatJames's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix FatJames 3092
141 moving down avatar The Mean Machine Italian Grand Prix dastardly00 3091
142 moving down avatar Di Resta's Dynamos Canadian Grand Prix deaninio 3090
143 moving up avatar hazelsbroombroom German Grand Prix hazelheavens53 3090
144 moving up avatar -Judders's F1 Team- Abu Dhabi Grand Prix judders 3090
145 moving up avatar Norfolk'n Chance Hungarian Grand Prix richho 3090
146 moving down avatar Team JustMax United States Grand Prix MadMax 3090
147 moving down avatar "A Mildly Fantastic F1 Team" United States Grand Prix MildlyFantastic 3090
148 moving down avatar b_money's Bulls Italian Grand Prix b_money 3088
149 moving up avatar caiman's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix caiman 3087
150 moving up avatar ElDiablo's F1 Team Spanish Grand Prix ElDiablo 3086