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My 2013 Leagues

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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
201 moving down avatar cian1500ww's F1 Team British Grand Prix cian1500ww 3033
202 moving up avatar mvanders's F1 Team Japanese Grand Prix mvanders 3032
203 moving down avatar KyleJackson's F1 Team British Grand Prix KyleJackson 3032
204 moving down avatar Del's Baldy Tyres British Grand Prix Delster 3032
205 moving down avatar HalRobinson's F1 Team British Grand Prix HalRobinson 3032
206 moving down avatar #1 Milo9's F1 Team British Grand Prix Milo9 3032
207 moving up avatar Lightning McQueen Brazilian Grand Prix swoody 3028
208 moving down avatar Rory & Tian's F1 Team Monaco Grand Prix RoryCoughlan 3026
209 moving up avatar biggles's F1 Team British Grand Prix biggles 3025
210 moving down avatar Doof F1 British Grand Prix Joofydoof 3025
211 moving up avatar Big End Knockers British Grand Prix patpending 3023
212 moving up avatar KCASH's F1 Team British Grand Prix KCASH 3020
213 moving down avatar Cupcakedan's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix Cupcakedan 3020
214 moving up avatar Star In A Not So Reasonably Priced Car German Grand Prix WillDonald 3019
215 moving up avatar BluBall British Grand Prix hillaire 3019
216 moving down avatar nicnacnert's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix nicnacnert 3018
217 moving up avatar Fing3rs Lickin' Good Brazilian Grand Prix VM_Fing3rs 3017
218 moving down avatar Roro Tosso Malaysian Grand Prix gazjcollins 3017
219 moving down avatar Jahiegel United States Grand Prix Jahiegel 3017
220 moving down avatar Men with shiny helmets Bahrain Grand Prix Frazzle 3016
221 moving down avatar icsmas's F1 Team Chinese Grand Prix icsmas 3015
222 moving down avatar MCGF1 Canadian Grand Prix jackmc89 3014
223 moving down avatar F1 Wonkus Spanish Grand Prix will913 3012
224 moving down avatar Lewis Hamilton's water bottle British Grand Prix nicnewell 3012
225 moving up avatar RichardHighlander's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix RichardHighlander 3011
226 moving down avatar DTlearns2Drive's F1 Team Abu Dhabi Grand Prix dtitus 3010
227 moving down avatar Team Tequila British Grand Prix chisel 3009
228 moving down avatar DexyR's F1 Team Abu Dhabi Grand Prix DexyR 3009
229 moving down avatar Sketchy Racing British Grand Prix MattSketch 3009
230 moving down avatar Go Faster Stripes British Grand Prix thewheel2 3009
231 moving down avatar Umbongo Umbongo They Drink It In The Congo Racing British Grand Prix RonBurgundy 3009
232 moving down avatar Kaygking's F1 Team British Grand Prix Kaygking 3009
233 moving down avatar Champion F1 Team British Grand Prix mjordan 3005
234 moving up avatar russmansell's F1 Team British Grand Prix russmansell 3005
235 moving up avatar A. Senna's the best! Brazilian Grand Prix thiagobertolo 3001
236 moving up avatar P4R15H's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix P4R15H 3001
237 moving down avatar smirf F1 Team British Grand Prix fry663 2999
238 moving down avatar FRINGFORDSNO1's F1 Team British Grand Prix FRINGFORDSNO1 2999
239 moving down avatar Geisler44's F1 Team British Grand Prix Geisler44 2997
240 moving up avatar centripetal force British Grand Prix lowry_M 2997
241 moving up avatar F.Y.S. Team Hungarian Grand Prix Aga777 2997
242 moving down avatar infuria riccio Malaysian Grand Prix wayne1973 2996
243 moving up avatar stevehill79's F1 Team British Grand Prix stevehill79 2996
244 moving up avatar Red Horse Racing - Gives You The Trots! British Grand Prix NotoriousREV 2995
245 moving up avatar markymarky's F1 Team British Grand Prix markymarky 2994
246 moving down avatar Team T-Hawk Malaysian Grand Prix hauxter 2993
247 moving down avatar MaccaRedFerMerc Singapore Grand Prix philharmonic 2993
248 moving down avatar Burning Rubber British Grand Prix Lily 2992
249 moving down avatar Big-webby's F1 Team British Grand Prix Big-webby 2992
250 moving down avatar Robbo Racing Spanish Grand Prix chuiyl 2991