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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
501 moving down avatar Snails Pace F1 Canadian Grand Prix waynef 2150
502 moving down avatar ashwhitton's F1 Team British Grand Prix ashwhitton 2148
503 moving down avatar Team Bungle British Grand Prix bungle 2148
504 moving up avatar kevlegs's F1 Team German Grand Prix kevlegs 2147
505 moving down avatar conzy's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix conzy 2147
506 moving up avatar The Black Stigs Japanese Grand Prix TheBlackStigs 2147
507 moving up avatar Maddie Motors Abu Dhabi Grand Prix miacid 2146
508 moving up avatar BtccKing13's F1 Team British Grand Prix BtccKing13 2146
509 moving down avatar BattleSheep Racing British Grand Prix Boydie1979 2145
510 moving up avatar Kelly's Heroes Belgian Grand Prix Szentist 2144
511 moving up avatar Benoit Racing British Grand Prix The_Benoit 2141
512 moving down avatar Bang Tidy Racers Monaco Grand Prix Benjy777 2141
513 moving down avatar monkeymiddleton's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix monkeymiddleton 2141
514 moving down avatar Three Drivers One Cup British Grand Prix lewisjenkin23B 2140
515 moving up avatar Rick5086's F1 Team United States Grand Prix Rick5086 2140
516 moving up avatar Milton F1 Spanish Grand Prix LeeVM 2137
517 moving up avatar TomDiamond's F1 Team Hungarian Grand Prix TomDiamond 2137
518 moving up avatar Jordan's Jammers Abu Dhabi Grand Prix gruenkej 2137
519 moving down avatar Dacia F1 British Grand Prix R1c3y 2136
520 moving down avatar stewybeag's F1 Team German Grand Prix stewybeag 2136
521 moving up avatar Karsh's F1 Team United States Grand Prix Karsh 2135
522 moving down avatar It's Checo Time Belgian Grand Prix jordand3 2134
523 moving down avatar Laddy's F1 Team British Grand Prix Laddy 2133
524 moving down avatar bobby123's F1 Team British Grand Prix bobby123 2132
525 non mover avatar weighty512's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix weighty512 2131
526 moving down avatar McGF1 Brazilian Grand Prix jackmc89 2131
527 moving down avatar RS F1 Team Italian Grand Prix RSF1Team 2130
528 moving down avatar AndThey'reOff German Grand Prix Mot01 2130
529 moving down avatar thiagobertolo's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix thiagobertolo 2130
530 moving down avatar SickOfBeingAtWork24/7 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix MACHitman74 2130
531 moving down avatar Providing income to the Hat & Watch man German Grand Prix Charlie 2130
532 moving down avatar Cambrian Gilbern Singapore Grand Prix adrianmidwales 2129
533 moving down avatar McAaron F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix AaronPlowright 2129
534 moving down avatar Wolf F1 Belgian Grand Prix Wolfinderby 2129
535 moving down avatar FormulaFlop's F1 Team British Grand Prix FormulaFlop 2127
536 moving down avatar Nike10 Singapore Grand Prix Nike10 2127
537 moving down avatar Stick that pointy finger up your... Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ChaosMuppetsarego 2125
538 moving down avatar chippracing's F1 Team British Grand Prix chippracing 2125
539 moving up avatar scudera slowtype Canadian Grand Prix scuderaslowtype 2124
540 moving down avatar Force Ireland Australian Grand Prix tomas05 2122
541 moving down avatar EuieBaby's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix EuieBaby 2121
542 moving up avatar Ferrari F14-T Option 2 Bahrain Grand Prix kimi2013 2119
543 moving up avatar latestarter's F1 Team Bahrain Grand Prix latestarter 2119
544 moving down avatar Cart-Horse F1 Team British Grand Prix kjcart 2117
545 moving down avatar Dan_Q's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix Dan_Q 2117
546 moving down avatar swhale1989's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix swhale1989 2116
547 moving up avatar Corner 10 British Grand Prix paulf1 2115
548 moving up avatar TraxxRacing's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix TraxxRacing 2115
549 moving down avatar Bookalon F1 Team Italian Grand Prix BookalonF1 2114
550 moving down avatar Racing Goblins Belgian Grand Prix greedygoblin 2114