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F1 League (All players)

# Team Home GP Owner Points
1301 moving up avatar Darius13's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix Darius13 1154
1302 moving up avatar fabio96's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix fabiofelipe 1147
1303 moving up avatar BigMonster's F1 Team British Grand Prix BigMonster 1143
1304 moving up avatar F1-UCK British Grand Prix JakeF 1143
1305 moving down avatar Grid Guys Canadian Grand Prix ickerty 1142
1306 moving up avatar TafossiForever's F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix TafossiForever 1142
1307 moving up avatar PantyMelter Racing Italian Grand Prix KennyCars 1137
1308 moving up avatar Fespi's F1 Team Italian Grand Prix fespi 1136
1309 moving down avatar Kirstytune's F1 Team British Grand Prix Kirstytune 1136
1310 moving down avatar Lizzott F1 Canadian Grand Prix salen00b 1135
1311 moving up avatar devil9987's F1 Team Canadian Grand Prix devil9987 1134
1312 moving up avatar webbrob1's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix webbrob1 1132
1313 moving down avatar hookermumF1 Team Monaco Grand Prix calacart 1129
1314 moving down avatar !¡peaplej¡! Abu Dhabi Grand Prix peaplej96 1126
1315 moving down avatar WackyRaces2014's F1 Team Japanese Grand Prix WackyRaces2014 1123
1316 moving up avatar Five Dollar Belgian Grand Prix Listy 1121
1317 moving up avatar Slap You Bitches Down! United States Grand Prix mbcarter 1120
1318 moving down avatar Vespa Puddle Jumpers British Grand Prix Kruger 1107
1319 non mover avatar cyclobs's F1 Team British Grand Prix cyclobs 1103
1320 moving up avatar RED or DEAD Spanish Grand Prix simonlockett 1102
1321 moving up avatar Anderson Racing United States Grand Prix redviking78 1102
1322 moving down avatar Reubens "not very" Racers British Grand Prix karlreed 1100
1323 moving down avatar celica Canadian Grand Prix Inta777 1100
1324 moving up avatar scurvyrick's F1 Team Abu Dhabi Grand Prix scurvyrick 1099
1325 moving up avatar Benner Racing Hungarian Grand Prix dwightmb 1092
1326 moving up avatar kerry24's F1 Team British Grand Prix kerry24 1089
1327 moving up avatar Scuderia Ferrari Italian Grand Prix senna06000 1088
1328 moving down avatar Cole Harley F1 Team British Grand Prix SteveJohnson 1087
1329 moving up avatar timmyfd3uk's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix timmyfd3uk 1085
1330 moving down avatar rápido Canadian Grand Prix emilyhg 1084
1331 moving down avatar Anya1's F1 Team Malaysian Grand Prix Anya1 1081
1332 moving down avatar buddy's F1 Team Australian Grand Prix buddy 1080
1333 non mover avatar pilon2's F1 Team British Grand Prix pilon2 1077
1334 moving up avatar HL Racing Australian Grand Prix henryliddell 1077
1335 moving down avatar PG2 F1 Team Brazilian Grand Prix pgalliva 1073
1336 moving down avatar Cossack 1000 Drivers Canadian Grand Prix JackCossack 1071
1337 moving down avatar delboy2097's F1 Team British Grand Prix delboy2097 1066
1338 moving down avatar LuckyDawgRacing's F1 Team United States Grand Prix LuckyDawgRacing 1064
1339 moving up avatar darknight7777777's F1 Team British Grand Prix darknight7777777 1064
1340 moving down avatar TonyT72's F1 Team German Grand Prix TonyT72 1062
1341 moving down avatar skidmarks German Grand Prix burtbags 1061
1342 moving down avatar walshie's F1 Team British Grand Prix walshie 1054
1343 moving up avatar La Gheggheria Italian Grand Prix riky9110 1052
1344 moving down avatar BethMilledge's F1 Team British Grand Prix BethMilledge 1037
1345 moving up avatar John O'Shea's Irish Potato Rebellion Japanese Grand Prix brgenerator 1034
1346 moving down avatar Froddo's F1 Team British Grand Prix Froddo 1034
1347 moving up avatar Danseb Motorsport Austrian Grand Prix Cupcakedan 1004
1348 moving down avatar BronkoMini's F1 Team British Grand Prix BronkoMini 1004
1349 moving up avatar lemmytl's F1 Team Russian Grand Prix lemmytl 998
1350 moving down avatar EricPisch's F1 Team Belgian Grand Prix EricPisch 997